Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! We have a limited stock on items that are on hand. If you want an item that isnt currently in stock on hand, I can preorder your product for you with a deposit put down. Clothing and hair will be on hand but a limited stock. Restocks only takes 3-5 days to arrive. 

We are in Baltimore, Maryland! 

As long as stock is in you may pick up your order. All i ask is that you bring a mask with you as well as your identification card. 

No. The person that is picking up the order identification must match the name on the order. You will have to sign for your package. Even if its a family member, no one can sign for your pick up order but yourself.

If someone has to dispute an order for fraud our attorneys will help us investigate to get to an agreement. Any transactions flagged due to billing address discrepencies or etc. will not be fulfilled at all to avoid all possible fraud cases. Any unlawful disputes will result to being investigated by our attorneys and legal actions will be taken.